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Monday, December 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday #122 @ TN&TN


Ada Gratis One said...

Thanks for the ideas your share here
So far, I am looking for a source of reference on various websites
Now I have found what I was looking for all this time
I state that the technology used is not as sophisticated as the technology in your country
Although I had a lot of obstacles with existing technologies in Indonesia in my country, but I keep the spirit to strive to be the best, one of which is a reference from your idea that really helped me.
Once again I want to say thank you
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Annette Schultz said...

tried to post earlier today and I see that the link is closed for the week :0(
Oh well I will try again next week.
Happy New Year
in stitches

Margaret said...

I too tried to post and was disappointed. Also wondering about the nature of the first comment in this list -- if it is genuine or spam. The link is to somewhere in Indonesia that has nothing to do with quilting. I trust the Moderator will check it out. Happy New Year!

Christa Marcotte said...

I also tried to link up! Maybe next week!!