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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Feature: Our New Host

Hosting this special Friday Feature is a pleasure to do. I'm a busy quilting artist like many of yourself and I decided to help out TN&TN earlier this year when I saw that Monika was needing help with keeping up with this part.

 Hi, I'm Caroline Heinrichs, commonly known as Carli to my friends! 

I have been a member of B.C. Women's Institute since childhood and locally the Quick WO ladies are just a swell bunch of ladies to hang with.

I am a total supporter of Nathan Cullen and I made this quilt for him last year when we had the National NDP Leadership election. The O Canada crazy quilt was made with only two colors sets and that was a new process for me.

We've grown home grown chicken meat and eggs for many years and recently decided that we'd done that long enough and so I treasure these photos of our chickens I have saved on my computer.

 I finally completed this huge king size quilt after the various pieces sat in a bin for over 12 years, see the whole story here at Canadian Birds Quilt.

Earlier this year I decided I needed a change on my blog content at Good Earth Quilting. I did loads of reading online about how to make a better blog. I unfortunately didn't save all these useful sites to share with you, but you can find anything on this subject by simply asking Google.

The changes I decided to make lead me to the love of my quilting life, Crazy Quilting. These are just some of the changes you'll see on my blog and if you love crazy quilting, I urge you to follow my blog to learn more.

In the meantime, be prepared for twice a month blog posting at The Needle & Thread Network featuring all sorts of knitters, quilters, weavers, crocheters, sewers and bead artists too, mainly we focus on Canadian sites and fibre enthusiasts of all kinds.

If you want to be featured or know of someone who would love the exposure and they are a Canadian Fibre artist, 

 email Carli at 


Monday, December 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday #122 @ TN&TN