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Monday, December 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday #122 @ TN&TN

Friday, December 27, 2013

End of the Year!

Hello everyone!

We did end up skipping WIP Wednesday over the Christmas week without notice.  Please note that WIP Wednesday at TN&TN will resume next week.  If you made a post for last week, absolutely feel free to post twice.  That's no problem at all!  : )  We would love to see it.

In other news:  Are there any Fabric Postcard addicts out there?  If you are on Flickr, please join!  Monika started an open pool on Flickr specifically for 4x6" fibre art postcards.

You can find it here:   Fibre Art Postcards on Flickr

If you don't care to join, you can take a peek and enjoy the photos that members post.


Monika @ The Needle & Thread Network

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday #121 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday # 120 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #119 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday # 118 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #116 @ TN&TN

Thursday, November 7, 2013


So... have you heard!?

Blogathon Canada is a week-long celebration of Canadian Quilting Bloggers brought to you by Sew Sisters Quilt Shop (click to link).  In its second year, Blogathon Canada celebrates the tremendous craft, talent, and passion of the online quilting community in Canada.

Here's how it works:

Each day host bloggers will introduce themselves and their work on their blogs.  They will include links to more blogs from their province so you can visit those blogs as well. The host bloggers will also host a giveaway of some of their favorite goodies from Sew Sisters so you have a chance to win every day of the week!  This year Sew Sisters has teamed up with Aurifil, Northcott and Robert Kaufman to bring you even more fantastic giveaways!

Check out their blog for more and see how you can join the party!  Go to Sew Sisters Quilt Shop  You'll see lots of familiar bloggers!  : )

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday #115 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WIP Wed # 114 @ TN&TN (and a volunteer opportunity)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday # 113 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday # 112 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #111 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday # One Hundred and Eight! @ TN&TN

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WIP Wednsday # 107 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday # 106 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday # 105 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #101 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Big 100 - and a little giveaway : )

ONE HUNDRED posts... it deserves a celebration.  Carol from Sew Sisters has kindly noticed, and is offering a beautiful panel!  It's Stonehenge Starry Night Panel by Deborah Edwards from Northcott.  It's P R E T T T Y!

To enter, please link up your Canuck blog to the 100th WIP post.  That's all!  If you are not eligible - SORRY!  But please note that Sew Sisters will be opening their Christmas Room on July 25th/13.  From that time to the end of July, they are also offering FREE shipping on any purchases form their store.  That's pretty cool.  Everyone wins.  You can find them at SEW SISTERS .com (linked)

THANK YOU SEW SISTERS - and good luck everyone!  One entry per linked blog post please.  The lucky winner will be announced on Friday the 26th.  : )

See you then!

WIP Wednesday #100 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday #99 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #98 @ TN&TN

Friday, July 5, 2013

Heads up - Canadian Quilt Talk is ON


If you are on Facebook, please check out Canadian Quilt Talk.  It's brand new and has had it's first pod cast (and that is ALL I know about it at this point).

: )  she looks fun!  : )

How exciting!  How fun!  See you there...

~Monika K.
TN&TN admin

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday #97 @ TN&TN

And the Winners Are... : )

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!!  Where it's been a hot one here.  What's hotter?  ALL THESE PRIZES!  : )  Congratulations to the following winners (picked randomly by my lovely assistant Kari).

Prize #1 winner is Colleen (from Calgary)  YAY!  You get $50 work of Sew Sister fabric!  Awesome.

Prize #2 winner is Izzy.  You get the Liberated Churn Dash PDF pattern.

Prize #3 winner is wipgirl.  Congrats - you win the one year digital subscription to ANPT magazine.

Prize #4 winner is Michelle G.  You get $20 from Hamels for online shopping!  Sweet.

Prize #5 winner is Linda Crosby for the one year hard copy subscription from ANPT magazine.  ENJOY.

Prize #6 winner is Valerie Raye for a one year digital subscription to Quilters Connection Magazine - the all Canadian mag for quilters.

Prize # 7 winner is judi.  You also get a one year digital subscription to Quilters Connection Magazine!  Right on!

Enjoy your prizes.  I'll be contacting you to ensure I have the correct contact info for me to pass on to the sponsers.  They will egt in touch with you to verify your mailing addresses.  All good?

THANK YOU EVERYONE for jumping into the contest.  Thank you for following our Canuck blog.  (If you didn't win, no big deal.  I didn't win either.)

Hava a terrific summer.

Monika K.
TN&TN admin

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TN&TN Canada Day Giveaway Party!

H A P P Y   C A N A D A   D A Y !

To celebrate our sisterhood here at TN&TN, we are having a party!  We have gathered a few presents for you.  There are only a few... so please leave ONE comment each as an entry.  The contest is open to anyone who is a follower of this blog.  The prizes are ALL Canadian.  Winners will be chosen at random and posted after the long weekend.


From Sew Sisters ...

One fat quarter bundle from Northcott's Stonehenge Oh Canada & Oh Canada II Collection by Linda Ludovico.  (retail value $50)  THANK YOU SEW SISTERS!!  We will add their link to a new resource page soon, or you can go to Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.


From Sarah Vanderbergh at

One pdf sewJOYcreation quilt pattern of Liberated Churn Dash (pictured above).  Thank you Sarah!


From A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine...

A 1 year DIGITAL subscription to their gorgeous magazine.  You can find ANPT online here, or you can be their friend on Facebook HERE.  Thank you Carla & John at A Needle Pulling Thread!


From Hamels Fabrics...


A twenty dollar gift certificate from their online store!  They have fabric, patterns, kits, and more.  You can find them here.  Thank you Hamels!


Also from A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine...

A 1 year regular magazine subscription!  Awesome - thank you again ANPT!!

but wait - there's more!  (my bad... I missed the email!  here they are...)


from Quilters Connection Magazine...

A one year digital subscription to our very own 100% Canuck quilting magazine.  THANK YOU QC Mag!  You can find them at


Also from Quilters Connection...

Yup!  A prize so nice, we are giving it away twice!  Here's another 1 year digital subscription.  Happy Canada Day all the way!  You can find QCMagazine on facebook as well.  Check them out here.


How to enter -
* leave a comment.  One per person please.

Who is eligible?
* anyone from anywhere that is a follower of this blog (including Rita & Jackie of course)

We will post winners next week and send your info along to our sponsors.  PLEASE make sure we can find you email otherwise we'll have to pass your prize along to someone else.


: )

x o
from your admin team at The Needle & Thread Network:
Rita Penner, Monika Kinner-Whalen, and Jackie White

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday #96 @ TN&TN

FLOODING 2013 - Quilts wanted

Hello everyone,

As you likely have heard, there has been unbelievable flooding, damage and evacuations across Alberta and now into Saskatchewan.

Photo by Andy Clark / Reuters (used without permission from a news site... I'm assuming this is okay to share.)

Quilts are needed!  Lee from Calgary asked me to post up this link...

This emergency help bulletin is for Calgary.  I personally don't have any other direct links for sending help (quilts, food, volunteer time, or $) to other communities in desperate need.  PLEASE feel free to load up the comments section of this post with any direct receiving sites so that we can all help out even from afar.

THANK YOU & our hearts go out to all the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their homes & had their belongings destroyed.  It's not over yet.  The water still remains and is moving though Saskatchewan now.

All the best to everyone and thank you to all those who are able to pitch in!

Monika K. on behalf of The Needle & Thread Network.

ps - pass it on...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday #95 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #94 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #91 @ TN&TN

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WIP Wednesday #89 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday #88 @ TN&TN

Friday, April 26, 2013

Linda @ LindaKittmer

This week we have a fibre/mixed media artist, who journals and loves photography.  Lately, she's hosting a beautiful paper napkin exchange. When you visit her blog, make sure you visit her galleries, especially the Bead Journal Project Gallery where you can see close-ups of her piece "My Year Unraveled" which is AMAZING!!  It's tempting to think that her fabulous studio (see the tour) makes all her work possible but I think she'd be a very prolific artist in any case.  Introducing...

 My name is Linda Kittmer and I’m from a relatively small town, Georgetown, Ontario, which is about thirty minutes outside of Toronto.
I consider myself a fibre artist foremost, but I also do mixed media work, art journalling and photography, and these various passions sometimes cross over into one another.  Although I have always been interested in art, and took some art classes in high school and university, once I started working as a teacher, my art was put on the back burner while I worked full time and raised my son.
'My Year Unraveled' which is a large piece (18"x24")
done entirely in heavy bead embroidery, which
journals my life during 2012, with each individual piece
representing a month in the year, starting with January
in the centre and spiralling out to the end of 
the year.
Having grown up in Kitchener, near Mennonite communities, I saw a lot of quilts and always admired them.  Although there are no quilters in my family, in 1999, I decided to teach myself to quilt. I began as a self taught traditional quilter. Although I used some patterns, I quickly discovered that I preferred creating my own unique designs.   Being a prolific quilter, I quickly ran out of beds,  sofas and cribs to cover.   This was also the time when I discovered that the traditional quilt guild was no longer meeting my creative needs.  
'Out of the Blue' deals with the struggle
escape depression
In the spring of 2006 a friend and I started a fibre art group, ‘The Group of Eight Fibre Artists’ or GOE (rhymes with toe) as we refer to ourselves. In spite of the name, the group currently has ten members who meet monthly, encouraging and inspiring one another.  Our first group show was in January 2011 and we had  many shows and speaking engagements since then.
This is a face on a bag that won 1st place
in an "ugly fabric" challenge
I now use much of my own  hand dyed fabric and I create unique pieces using various surface design techniques such as mono-printing, marbling, rust dyeing, etc.  I have had several of my pieces of art accepted into juried art shows, some specifically ‘fibre art’ shows and others into general art shows which also exhibited other media.
I have a blog,, where I post about my artistic passions.  Art is relaxing and therapeutic and I make every effort to spend time in my studio each and every day.  For me, art is the matter what the question!

Monday, April 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday #87 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday #86 @ TN&TN

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Feature: Rachel @ TintinaFibres

Today, I'd like to introduce someone from a place most people haven't been.  I'd sure love to visit the Yukon.  Our guest, Rachel, has a quote under the title of her blog by Arthur Ashe,
"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."
I've read her blog, going back a year or so, and she sure seems to live her life according to these words.  Perhaps it's necessary to do that when you live where she does.  In any case, they're good words to live by.  Her "awesome" life sure appeals to me.

My name is Rachel Rodnunsky.  My blog is Tintina Fibres and is at  I named it that because, where I live, Faro, Yukon Territory is in the Tintina Trench, a land formation up here.

Faro is a small town of 400 people just below the arctic circle.  To do any shopping, I have to drive to Whitehorse which is 350 km so I often stay overnight when I go shopping especially in the winter.  That is also where the nearest hospital, drug store, dentist, mechanic, and any other amenity really is.  We just have a nursing station here and a small general store.

Yukon-raised Icelandic fleece dyed with natural dyes.
I grew up in Alberta, lived in Europe for a few years, and settled here in the Yukon 7 years ago.  I am a spinner, a crocheter, and a natural dyer.  I learned how to crochet in 1982 or so, when I was young.  I learned how to spin in 2008 just before I gave birth to my 3rd child.  I have been natural dyeing since 2010.  I really wanted to learn how to spin while I was pregnant with my second child and got a wheel but couldn't find anyone to teach me so I put the wheel away until I was pregnant with my 3rd child.  I was determined I was going to learn at that point, as I was back in Canada, but my marriage broke down during the pregnancy.  I had to go to Alberta to have the baby as I needed child care while I was in the hospital and where I live up here doesn't even have a doctor.

Locally harvested goldenrod being used to make a dye bath.
I asked on Ravelry if anyone knew of a spinning instructor in Alberta and was given the name of a woman.  I got my spinning lesson while I was 38 weeks pregnant.  It was spindle spinning as I wasn't able to bring my wheel.  I continued to spindle spin only for the first year of my son's life as it was quiet and he didn't mind watching the spindle.  I then started wheel-spinning but I still have spindle spinning projects to this day and have over 50 spindles.  I have 2 flyer wheels, one of which is antique Canadian Production Wheel, and I also have a book charkha (an Indian portable spinning wheel and you can see it being used here by a grand nephew of Mahatma Ghandi).

In 2010, I took the level one master spinner course at Olds College in Olds, Alberta.  One of the assignments was doing 10 different natural dyes.  I decided to not continue with the program but did complete the 10 different natural dyes and was hooked on natural dyeing after that.

Handspun, crocheted hat designed by me.
I decided like many people to start selling items I have made.  I  sell online but also tried my first craft fair last fall and did really well.  I also really enjoyed meeting people and explaining what I do to people and will continue to do craft fairs.  I teach spindle spinning in the local school and do workshops and demos through the local arts society every summer.

As far as items I sell, my biggest sellers are my hats. I have decided to focus on hats for the future as far as items I make and am starting to collect hat blocks in different sizes.

My biggest dream for the future is to continue doing this as my job.  I collect wild plants for medicinal use and for dyeing. (for example, I make my own lip balm and hand balm)  I work primarily with animal fibres and try to buy from people in the Yukon.

Come visit my blog anytime and see what I'm up to.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WIP Wednsday #85 @ TN&TN

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fibre Art Call for Entry!

Monika here... I know the call for entry job is Jackie's but I am jumping in here if you don't mind.  I was just informed of this last night - there is to be a BIG juried fibre art competition in Edmonton, 2014.  This is being put on by the Focus on Fibre Arts Association.  The categories include EVERYTHING fibre - dolls, quilts, weaving, tapestry, knitting, embroidery, wearables, hooked rugs.  It's for all of us!! ; )  There's just one catch - items must fit the theme.  The theme (omg I can't contain my excitement!!) is PRAIRIES.  PRAIRIES!!  : )))

photo of Edmonton at night that I took while visiting for Thanksgiving 2012

You can view the PDF Brochure Here.

If that doesn't work, you can google Focus On Fibre Art Association - Juried Prairie Show for all the details.  I believe the entry deadlines are a year from now, so get to work!  : ) 

I for one will be heading to Edmonton just to stand in that room and soak up all the beautiful things.  Oh me, oh my.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday #84 @ TN&TN

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Feature: Deanne @

We've run out of people to feature from the sign up list.  Not everyone has been featured because either they've had no time, they've not answered emails or they've not left me any way to reach them.  This has lead to me searching for people to feature.  And what a gem I've found for this week! 

I'd like to introduce Deanne Fitzpatrick who set up and runs a rug hooking studio in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia.  Deanne lives and breathes her art.  She's gathered around her a group of women who help her do this and she inspires more to take on this form of expression.  You simply must visit her site.  It's like a breath of fresh spring air, down-east style.

Deanne has been rug hooking seriously since 1990 but almost immediately caught the attention of private galleries, the Nova Scotia Art Bank, the Nova Scotia Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Nfld and Labrador and she's even got her work at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Read her story at the bottom of her main page and her interview here:

Deanne Fitzpatrick

Amherst Nova Scotia Canada

I think as a rug hooker, artists and business person my biggest dream for myself is to remain authentic and honest about what I do. I want to make rugs that express what I believe or feel at a given time. I want to make rugs that I feel like making. I really do not want to succumb to trends or ideas that I do not embrace inside myself.

Over the past twenty years I have created  kits patterns and designs, and written four books about rug hooking but the real thing that has driven all of this is my desire to make my own one of a kind hooked rugs. It is in my original designs that I find inspiration for everything else that goes on in the studio. So trying to be true to myself as an artist has become the most important accomplishment for me. Every time I have strayed away from this and focused too much on making money, or having my work better known I have felt a bit compromised, almost as if I was not being myself. So making art is the back bone of my business, but it is also the back bone of me, and remains important to me. 

At the studio we try to be as honest, and authentic as we can, and we have learned that people love the truth, and can easily accept seeing it, or hearing it like it is. We are a working studio so if you drop in we might be in a mess, or have a kit half made but we are glad to have you there. For years I ran it out of my house and after we moved the studio to town, one of the things I wanted to keep was that homey feeling in our space. We try to make it welcoming and comfortable. There is always a good chair to sit in, and if we are busy you can make yourself a cup of tea. Hospitality is important to me.

Another place where I try to tell the truth the way I see it is on my blog on my website. The blog is a place where I write what goes on in my life, my art, my studio and my community. I try to update it daily and that update could be about  anything, from a recipe to a story to information about a new product or a workshop. It is a place where I go to tell you about what is going on in the studio, but it is also a place where I go to express myself. That means you might find anything there.
Over the past twenty two years I have grown my business from a trunk in my front room. I did it a little bit at a time, investing what I made back into my business as well as into my own life. It has been a blessing really to have had that opportunity. I love the women who work along side me. They make it possible for so much to get done around here.

I want to continue to write, and create but mostly I want to make rugs that are unmistakebly art because I think in doing that I will remain authentic, and really that is the backbone of a good creative person and artist. We can run a business and make a living doing what we do, but we have to remain true to ourselves and to our art.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WIP Wednsdaey #83 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday #82 @ TN&TN

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Feature: Marianne @ TheQuiltingEdge

 Hi Everyone,
I’m thrilled to be a Friday Feature on The Needle and Thread Network. My name is Marianne Haak, better known as Mariquilts, if you happen by The Quilting Edge ( I’m from St. Albert, Alberta most of the time, but also reside in Victoria, British Columbia, especially when I’m trying to escape Alberta’s cold winters.

I’m a quilter and addicted in every way.  Having grown up in a very creative home, I was playing in my mother’s scrap bin from an early age. I am mostly self-taught except for those two years of mandatory sewing and cooking classes in Junior High school, and as my family will attest, the sewing took…the cooking, not so much. In the early years I mainly sewed clothing for myself and later for my four children. Since money was scarce, I also sewed for my home.

I made my very first quilt in the mid-seventies but only dabbled at quilting here and there, over the years. As I was dabbling, I was also researching different quilting techniques…anyway, that’s the excuse I gave myself every time I wanted to buy a new quilting book, with some new alluring method inside its' colourful cover.  I started quilting a little more seriously about eight years ago, and had wealth of knowledge at my fingertips (this is well before my blogging days).

My most exciting accomplishments, of the past year, have actually been a direct result of blogging, which I have been doing for about two and a half years. The baby quilt I made, for my first little granddaughter, caught the eye of Fons& Porter’s LOVE OF QUILTING and my quilt, CIRCLES FOR PAIGE, was published in the January/February2013 issue.

Next, I made the quilt, COLOUR SHOT, using Oakshott Cottons, which was privileged enough to hang in the Oakshott booth, at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts.

Last but not least, I was approached by MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED to write an article on the topic Quilt as You Go. This resulted in a two part article for the March/April 2013 issue (part 1) and for the May/June 2013 issue (part 2). This project really pushed me out of my comfort zone, since I had to write the article and do my own photography (approximately fourteen photos per article). I must admit I was pretty excited to open that March/April issue. The photos I’ve included are from the QAYG article.

My future goals in quilting are to make what I love and love what I make. I have multiple projects on the go at any given moment and love to keep pushing my ideas a little farther. I love sharing what I discover along the way.

Thanks again to The Needle and Thread Network for inviting me to share a little about myself.

All the best

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday #81 @TN&TN

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday #80 @ TN&TN

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Feature: Karen @ Bungalow Bay Quilts

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be a part of TNTN's Friday feature!

So let's get down to business. My name is Karen Black and my alter ego blog name is Bungalow Bay Quilts.You can usually find me here at Hubby and I, along with 3 dogs and a cat, live in a small village in a part of Ontario called the Lanark Highlands, known locally as "God's Country".

We moved here just over 3 years ago and bought a stone house that was built in 1850. It's our biggest WIP! I'm retired (hubby's not) so it's up to me to take our dogs for their daily hike in the woods. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

for detail shots and a dresdan tip, click
After I get them tired out, it's time to head up to my sewing room and get to work. My main passion right now is Modern Quilting and my work is heavily influenced by modern Japanese quilt design. I love the Japanese way of combining prints, their use of text prints and the intricacy of their patchwork designs. I'm using that influence as a springboard to develop my own personal design aesthetic.

I'm a self taught quilter, although I started sewing my own clothes at the age of 10. So I had a very strong sewing background when I made my first quilt back in the early 70's just prior to the birth of my first child. Over the intervening years, I've drifted in and out of the quilt world, but have always pursued a textile craft of one kind or another.

for some detail shots, here and here
Knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, fabric dyeing,screen printing, batik, marbling, dressmaking, macrame, even dabbling in jewelry making and idle hands here! In fact, the only craft I never really took to was pottery. Too dirty for this child!

But the wheel of my life has turned again to quiltmaking as my primary form of self expression. I think that the big difference this time around is that writing about and photographing my work for my blog posts has become a form of self expression as well. The two go hand in hand, each one informing and nurturing the other!

In fact, starting and growing my blog has been one of my biggest accomplishments this past year. It's been a real learning experience (yep, self taught here too!) as well as a very satisfying creative endeavour. It's been the vehicle which has opened the door to making friends from all over the world. I'm always humbled and amazed by the kind words of people I may never meet in person, but with whom I am united by the mutual love of the craft of quiltmaking.

for a closer look-> click
I've also recently discovered the world of online quilt swaps and have become totally smitten with them. I find them a fun way to stretch my creative wings , as each one will have it's own theme and/or specifications. It's so much fun to make a special something for a swap partner, and then to receive something wonderful in return!

My short list of future goals includes growing my blog readership and selling my work through my Etsy store. I would love to have a design published in a quilt magazine. Note to self: prepare submissions! I also want to try my hand at designing patterns for paper piecing. And teach myself to free motion quilt.

My biggest dream for myself isn't actually quilt related per se. In a couple of years I'll be celebrating a very significant birthday and, to celebrate it in style, I plan to do a bicycle tour of the Netherlands, solo! It's something I've had on my bucket list for awhile now, and let's just say, I'm not getting any younger! And, I hear that there's a very active Dutch Modern Quilting community. This could be very interesting!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WIP Wednsday # 79 @ TN&TN

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday #78 @ TN&TN

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Feature: Carli @ Good Earth Quilting

Hello and welcome to my world.

My name is Carli Heinrichs. I live in Northwestern British Columbia in a small Canadian town called Telkwa. A quote from the website:
“Although there is some debate as to the origin of our namesake, it is commonly accepted that Telkwa is a native term meaning the "meeting of the waters" and describes the picturesque joining of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers in the heart of the town." 
I reside in the rural areas of Bulkley Valley, right on the Bulkley River. The place I live has given me gifts of vistas, peace, and quiet. We love living in a welcoming community valley of approximately 20,000. The Buckley River is one of the many rivers impacted by the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline. I include this quote so you see the passionate relationship with water in the Northwest area of the province.

My blog name is Good Earth Quilting

I was born only 290 kms east of Telkwa in Prince George, B.C. I grew up moving around the province with my parents as one mill closed and another town's mill had the next job. My father, an IWA member, felt the boom and decline of forestry jobs as the waves of political change in technology and resource extraction in B.C. were so volatile in the 1970’s. I grew up while marches for peace happened in the streets of Vancouver. I yearned to attend, but was too young.

My Sashiko Sockeye piece
Making art gave me unique opportunities. I eagerly signed up for fashion sewing in Gr.8, where I met a Home Economics teacher who changed my life. She taught me how to hand sew a one block log cabin quilt, all of 9 inches square, I treasure this first quilt.

I have been an artist most of my life. I dabbled in acrylic/oil painting in the early teen years, but when pregnant with my first child I had a powerful urge to make a quilt. Like many other quilters, I'm sure my road started with a baby quilt.

My Stack and Whack Dresden Plate quilt called
"Canadian Birds"
I looked to frugal green ways and chose to work with the plentiful fabric from used clothing at thrift shops. My mother had taught me to hand sew as a child.  As a result I grew into an excited and creative embroidery nut, making "pin money" by hand stitching daisy chains down the seams of my peers in high school. Success was earning money to embroider, I was hooked!

Now, some 39 years later, I am still hooked. I explore political and social situations in fabric art. I've been playing with various new techniques learned from reading the blogs of some lovely artists out there like Monika Kinner-Whalen of My Sweet Prairie.

My three most successful accomplishments of the last year are the completion of the epic long king size quilt I made for my hubby, the Sashiko Sockeye piece that drew so many new followers and lovely comments, and the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt which I only have parts of so far. I love and continue to make crazy quilts from used materials.  I prefer the look of a crazy quilt made this way.

Beach House Crazy Quilt made in 2008
My biggest dream for myself would be to actually sell my work on a regular basis. I’d love to spend all my days working on new pieces of textile art and have shows around Canada.  You know what I mean?
Crafting quilts from used cloth is just one way to divert items from the landfill. 'Re-Crafting' has become my specialty in all my art. I think 'reuse' before I buy new fabric, even though I truly love the modern fabrics like any other quilter. My love of sharing the techniques I’ve learned at our monthly B.V. Crafters Gathering.  It is rewarding for me because I don’t have any daughters to pass this art to as I grow older, so I share with others there.

My challenge to readers is to repurpose clothing, plastics, wood and other things each week and post about it, linking up with Good Earth Quilting. I wish I knew how to make buttons for my blog because I need one to do a blog-a-thon in connection with repurposing textiles into new quilts.