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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Big 100 - and a little giveaway : )

ONE HUNDRED posts... it deserves a celebration.  Carol from Sew Sisters has kindly noticed, and is offering a beautiful panel!  It's Stonehenge Starry Night Panel by Deborah Edwards from Northcott.  It's P R E T T T Y!

To enter, please link up your Canuck blog to the 100th WIP post.  That's all!  If you are not eligible - SORRY!  But please note that Sew Sisters will be opening their Christmas Room on July 25th/13.  From that time to the end of July, they are also offering FREE shipping on any purchases form their store.  That's pretty cool.  Everyone wins.  You can find them at SEW SISTERS .com (linked)

THANK YOU SEW SISTERS - and good luck everyone!  One entry per linked blog post please.  The lucky winner will be announced on Friday the 26th.  : )

See you then!

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