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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Feature- Rhondda from Oombawka Design

Hi! My name is Rhondda and I am the Designer and Blogger behind Oombawka Design. You can find me at I live in Wellesley, Ontario (a small community just outside 

Kitchener/Waterloo) with my husband and 2-young children.

I love to make projects with yarn. I enjoy crocheting and I love designing crochet patterns. I try to 

write my crochet patterns to be easy to understand and I provide question support by email and on my 

Facebook page.


I have been crocheting for approximately seven years. Just the basics at first, a few stitches (single 

crochet, half double crochet, double crochet) and Afghans and scarves. I began crocheting after I was 

diagnosed with Crohn's Disease as a way to keep busy when I could not be physically active. I found it 

very relaxing and rewarding to be able to learn and apply a skill and to create something tangible.

In 2012 I began developing and expanding my crochet skills. Once again the crochet was a way to help me 

through difficult times. My Nana, whom I was extremely close to, died March 12, 2012. Crochet seems to be 

my 'crutch' in times of distress. When I am troubled I pick up my hook.

I am self-taught, mostly from books and online photo tutorials. I also received some excellent guidance 

from my husband's Grandmother, Rose. Thank you Grandma Rose!

My top 3-fibre related accomplishments  

1. Designing the Not ANOTHER Owl Hat Pattern, 

2. Blogging daily about Crochet since July 1, 2013, 

3. Designing more than 32-crochet patterns in the last year

I have many future goals for myself and Oombawka Design -

 I would one day love to have a pattern published 

in a 'print' magazine.

The Crafting Community online is fantastic - finding others who appreciate and understand your love of 

your craft - whether it is crocheting, quilting, is a fabulous feeling. One of the main 

reasons I love what I do - is because there are others to share it with.

Stop by and say hello?


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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