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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feature Friday: Adrienne Klenck


My name is Adrienne Klenck and I am thrilled to be joining you here on the Needle and Thread Network!

I am a Quilter and Maritimer at heart, hailing from Nova Scotia. While I have left the province a time or two, home I am again and unlikely to leave. I have been blogging about my quilting adventures for four years over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts (click the link or use

Chezzetcook is the name of the small community on the Eastern Shore of NS where I grew up. I like to stay close to my roots. I can honestly say that I have an addiction to fabric. Cutting it up, and putting it back together. I have been quilting twenty years now, oh dear, when you say things like that out loud you feel old. I’ll be right back. Must make cocktail.

Right, I’m back! (cocktail in hand). Lets start at the beginning shall we.... In the movie “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray slept under a quilt at the B&B. It was a triple Irish Chain. I HAD to make it. There were no quilters in my family. Talented seamstresses yes, but no quilters. I took myself to a class, made a triple Irish chain and the rest is history.

So while I have been stitching for quite a while, and many quilts have been made (and loved), I would say that my quilting “career” has really taken off in the last three years. In fact it was three years ago this month that I started the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, a chapter of the international Modern Quilt Guild. Acting as President of the guild these last three years I have finally found my quilty people and enjoy being inspired and motivated by the most amazing community of makers. Being a part of this new found quilty community I also found some new opportunities, including teaching!

Over the last two years I have been teaching beginners quilting classes at Patch Halifax, our LQS in Halifax. I simply love teaching, and when a new quilter leaves after those four weeks with their first quilt and plans to make their next, what a feeling! The dream of course is a small cottage studio in the backyard where I could teach, host sew-ins etc. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Oh the dream!

In the mean time, I have been sewing like a fiend these last few years as well. All of that inspiration pushes you forward. I want to go to every class, learn every new technique! Just last weekend I attended the Weight of Love Quilt Workshop with Libs Elliott in Dartmouth. Its Y-Seams not Cry-Seams people!

Here is a peek at my quilt from the workshop. Time to Quilt!

 Anywho, my other most recent adventure, besides trying to be diligent with my blogging, is opening an Etsy Store! Squeeeee! A most talented friend Jeanette, from Stamp Stitch Create, and I have partnered to open Seam Work to show our quilty wares. You can learn more about Seam Work if you pop over to my blog now. But let me tell you, we are pretty proud and excited by our wee venture. We just had our first sale this week!

I think I have covered all of the salient points about me and my obsession. I will leave you with a few pictures of some favorite finishes. Some new, some old, and some in between.

I do hope to see you over at the blog, or you can visit with me on Instagram at @adejklenck

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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