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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Feature: Susan @ Susan Being Snippy

It’s a good thing there is a somewhat loose format to follow for these Feature Friday blog posts or I would go on for days and probably say nothing!  That means I like to talk and I like to write, I like to write A LOT!


Now there is a long story!  Suffice to say when I was born there was a big fight over what my name should be, but to make a very long story short I got 4 names, that way everybody who wanted me to have a particular name ended up somewhat happy, you would think -- no.  My Dad won out, he called me Susan, but that was not my first name, most everyone forgot my first name because it was never used and Susan fits me quite fine!   My last name is Barker and nice simple easy to remember name, except half the time people who fill out forms seem to forget the “k” and that has become a real point of contention with me!  So simply put, my name is Susan Barker…


Again, a big long story about names… My blog name evolved from Miss Snips Notebook a previous blog that I kept in conjuction with the column I wrote for 9 years for The Canadian Quilter Magazine by the same name. (you can still find Miss Snips Notebook on the internet if you google it)  Miss Snips Notebook became Susan Being Snippy, mainly because I wanted to keep the image of Scissors (snips) in my title without being completely obvious that my absolute favourite piece of equipment is a pair of scissors.  My blog name not only refers to scissors but also to my careless remarks that can and have gotten me into trouble!   My blog address is

Birthday/Christmas Quilt 2010,
made from 3 moda charm packs
and 1 meter background fabric

Currently I live in Abbotsford, BC, which is exactly where I should have been since the beginning, but I started out on the edge of Winnipeg, MB, spent my teen years on a farm near Lockport, MB and through planning and design married a fellow from the big city, Winnipeg, MB who was willing to follow me anywhere and all I had to do was blow in his ear!   So when we went to Victoria, BC at Christmas in 1982 and realized that one doesn’t have to shovel snow or shiver for 6 months of the year, I blew in his ear and we determined that being warm and happy but poor was better than being cold and miserable and not quite so poor.  After a few little hops around the coast, we settled in Abbotsford which perfectly suited us weather wise and financially and had and still has a great QUILT GUILD for me to be part of!


Like most kids I started with a pencil and crayons and water paints.  My parents and grandparents were never stuck for what to give me at Christmas or my birthday, paper, pens, pencils, paint by number kits (oh boy! I sure loved those!) even books on How to Draw!  My Mother taught me to sew doll clothes and how to work with a pattern so eventually I was making all my school dresses. My grandmothers taught me embroidery and crochet and knitting and cross stitch and my Aunt Vera introduced me to quilting by showing me applique and I made a “Colonial Lady” block as a gift for my Mother at Christmas when I was about 10 years old.   I  have a “snip” I say about my house and home.  “There has not been a bed covering in my house that was not made by me, since 1975!”  So making quilts for myself, for friends, for relatives and for charity has been my main craft for a very long time.  It is not just quilts, I make pillows and tote bags (I don’t think I have bought a purse in 20 years!) and anything else that can be sewn either by hand or machine.
Crochet sweater, 1 of 2 gifted to twin neices


I have to say, I am not really a goal orientated person.  I don’t make lists or keep a schedule or put unnecessary stress upon myself by making deadlines for accomplishments.   I am very lucky in that I have not had to go and work for wages and have someone else tell me what to do, how to do it and when it has to be done by, since the turn or the century (2000), although before that I did work as a bookkeeper and service  scheduler (it is easy to make schedules for other people!).   I do get things done though!  This summer I have kept myself busy with a self imposed challenge that I called THE SUPER SUMMER SNIPPY CHALLENGE and have posted my progress on my blog through the weeks since mid May 2012 til now.

This is a challenge that I gave myself in order to help me work with and clear out my stash of fabrics that I felt was as some say, “more fabric than can be used in this lifetime”  I have been so very  successful with this challenge!  I completed 10 quilt tops to donate to my quilt guild’s charitable quilts program “WE CARE” and also gave 2 large quilt tops to the local QUILTS OF VALOUR program.  The dent left in my stash is quite impressive!  The whole idea of my Super Summer Snippy Challenge essentially accomplished 3 goals: 1. Be charitable  2. Be economical by using what I have.  3. Be Creative

A Lunch sack, with recycled plastic tablecloth inside
I have also worked on a few projects of my own.  One is a Lap size quilt using a Jelly Roll of French General fabrics that I won at my guild’s annual retreat--there really is a trick to planning and using 2.5 inch wide strips in a way that pleases the eye and so that no further fabric needs to be purchased!


As to Future Goals, like I said, I don’t look too far ahead or plan or make goals that might fail.  The world around me is so changeable, I like to be ready for whatever comes along.  I am working on a few ongoing projects that keep my interest over the long term.

You will also see a renewal of my Miss Snips Notebook column for the Canadian Quilters Association, not in the magazine but on the Members Only section of the CQA website starting in September 2012.


I am writing stories about growing up in the 1960’s, similar to Laura Ingalls Wilders book  Little House on the Prairie  and I would someday like to compile them into a book - even if I have to self publish!  I have yet to make my QUILT MASTERPIECE, although I might be working on it right now, one can never be sure which quilt is the Masterpiece!

Susan Barker aka Susan Being Snippy


  1. Very interesting read Susan and I must say I wondered about your blog title so thanks for the explanation .Would love to read your book when you publish ,sounds like fun.Good luck and keep up the great work !

  2. Wonderful interview Susan. I always wondered about your blog I know:)

  3. Hehe! Okay I can't stop giggling - you are the only person I've met who answers "what's your name?" with a paragraph of info! : ))) Awesome! ; )
    Thanks for being featured here Susan! Love having you & dropping by your blog.
    All the best!
    Monika in Saskatoon

  4. Hey Susan, I really enjoyed reading about you, your past, present, and future.

  5. Hi Susan, great to get to know you a little better! :)

  6. Susan, any chance we could have been ordering a rootbeer and teenburger at the Lockport A&W while on some Friday night date??? It is still there!

  7. I too wondered about the blog title so you've answered that! I love to read the life stories of bloggers I meet. And yours is interesting. I like that you decided to live in BC and did it.
    I also don't like the stress of setting goals.
    Your use of your stash and your donations this summer are quite amazing.

  8. Hi Susan! Great to read your story and learn more about you. I admit I've never read your CQA column -- not a member -- but I follow your blog and think you're a natural for that sort of thing. Love your colourful pieces; your joy is infectious!

    Margaret in Mirror,AB

  9. Hi Susan, so fun to read more about you! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I love these features! Great to learn more about you, Susan!

  11. Great to meet you, Susan! You write just enough {big grin!} I really enjoyed your post.

  12. Wait a minute! You don't have to shovel snow where you live?? I'm impressed. :) I absolutely love the baby sweater (and all the quilts, of course). Is the sweater your own design?


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