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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FLOODING 2013 - Quilts wanted

Hello everyone,

As you likely have heard, there has been unbelievable flooding, damage and evacuations across Alberta and now into Saskatchewan.

Photo by Andy Clark / Reuters (used without permission from a news site... I'm assuming this is okay to share.)

Quilts are needed!  Lee from Calgary asked me to post up this link...

This emergency help bulletin is for Calgary.  I personally don't have any other direct links for sending help (quilts, food, volunteer time, or $) to other communities in desperate need.  PLEASE feel free to load up the comments section of this post with any direct receiving sites so that we can all help out even from afar.

THANK YOU & our hearts go out to all the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their homes & had their belongings destroyed.  It's not over yet.  The water still remains and is moving though Saskatchewan now.

All the best to everyone and thank you to all those who are able to pitch in!

Monika K. on behalf of The Needle & Thread Network.

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  1. Thank you Monika--this will help a lot of us here in Calgary, and High River--so much devastation, so much loss of all sorts. I may have been flooded out, but i'm still a lot better off than most--i lost most of my stash, but not home, my Honey or my animals!

  2. This Saturday is the big Canada Day fest in Atlanta. We go every year. I will be helping out there with a donation...they will be collecting and raffling and raising funds for the flooding at the event. I have friends and relative there I have not heard from, my heart goes out to all of you!

  3. So thankful to live in this wonderful country! The people are kind, thoughtful, big-hearted and generous! I love how much we all come together to help each other! Julie, Edson, Alberta

  4. I live on the Jersey Shore, so when Hurricane Sandy hit, our home was severely flood damaged, but thankfully, salvageable. We hired a company that performs house lifting in NJ. It's a huge investment in the future of our home- I feel more at ease knowing we will be much more prepared for flooding. While we were unable to live in our home directly after the storm, programs like this one were a huge source of comfort and hope for my family. I know the people of Alberta need and appreciate these kinds of donations! Thank you!