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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday # 208 @TN&TN


  1. Thank you so much Laurel for taking over TN&TN and taking good care of things. I really appreciate it. You are doing great! By the way, I had NO idea who you were.. I didn't put it all together. It turns out I know your mom! She is so kind and generous. She came into the gift shop I work at last Friday. She lives a block away from the store. : ) She mentioned to me you were related. Small world! : )

  2. You're very welcome, Monika! It has been a fun learning experience. What I find to be most rewarding is the inspiration that the TN&TN bloggers who link-up provide to me and to others.

    I am amazed at the international attention our TN&TN blog has received for our Canadian textile artist collective. In the past month, we've had several hundred visitors from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Africa, and the Netherlands! Although MOST blog site visitors are, as we expected, from Canada and the US, I do think we are making a mark on the international scene of textile artists. I frequently send Tweets about WIP Wednesday link-ups and have gained many international Twitter followers by doing so.

    Regarding my adorable Mom, I love her to bits. I don't publicize our relationship, just in case she doesn't wish to associate with me and some of my "out there" ideas that I might post about! (Hee hee!) I think she follows my blog and I know that if she wants to make the connection with people we both know.... she will. I give her the option!

    I hope to be to Saskatoon in November and I'll stop by the gift shop (on a Friday). I see that Periwinkle has some classes around the time I plan to be there; I might reserve a spot for Mom and me.


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